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      Whether you're conquering the park, dominating the halfpipe, or diving into all-mountain fun, the Majesty Vandal skis are your ultimate tools of expression. With these skis, your freestyle artistry takes center stage, backed by unwavering confidence and undeniable style. So, if you're ready to ride the wave of freestyle excellence, the Majesty Vandal Freestyle Skis are your undeniable choice. Unleash your inner freestyle legend and redefine the game with Majesty. It's time to make your mark.

      169 cm 1580 g 130 - 95 - 130 mm 14 m
      175 cm 1670 g 130 - 95 - 130 mm 15.5 m
      181 cm 1770 g 130 - 95 - 130 mm 16 m

      Majesty Vandal skis rocker profle color: black & white
      top sheet finish: matte, scuff resistant material
      skier ability: intermediate - advanced
      designed for: all-terrain freestyle
      design: hybrid: rocker/camber/rocker
      shape: symmetrical: true twin-tip
      flex: twin
      flex ratio: 5 (1=soft | 10=stiff)
      rocker type: 150 mm (tips & tails)
      construction: 4Radius sidecut, semi-cap sidewalls, triax + biax fiberglass, protective gum zones under the core
      wood core: playful poplar & ash blend core
      base: fast base IS7200
      extras: endless and unbridled fun!
      mounting drill bit: 3.6mm x 9mm


      Park and terrain obstacle skiing where the skis make contact with hard surfaces other than snow, can damage your skis. When you choose to ski at terrain parks, you do so at your own risk and you knowingly accept the risk that you may damage or destroy your skis at any time - even on your first run. Any physical impact damage including edge cracks, binding tear out, delamination damage etc. resulting from impacting your skis against any surface other than snow, voids the 2-year limited warranty

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