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      Our pro-deal program is offered only to the residents of the United States and Canada. If you are eligible for the program, please follow the instructions below and we will be super stoked to get you set up with our insider deals.


      • Ski shop employees
      • Ski resort employees
      • Ski patrol members
      • Ski instructors
      • Mountain guides and ski tour operators
      • Outdoor industry insiders incl. OIA/SIA members
      • Active duty military personnel and veterans
      • Professional firefighters and first-responders
      • Majesty skis shop employees - please contact your rep.

      Simple steps to get your pro-deal if you are one of the pros listed above:

      1. Email us at with details about the work you do per the list above and include proof. If you are an employee of a ski shop, please include the shop's name and address, and your gear will be delivered to the shop.
      2. List the gear you want to order, including applicable sizes.
      3. List City and State / City and Canadian Province where we will ship your gear, unless we are shipping to a Majesty retailer.
      4. Lastly, since we're helping you with a great pro-deal, please help us by following us on your social accounts:
      Once we've validated steps 1 through 4 and confirmed availability of the gear you would like to order, we will email you your discount code. 

      Discount codes are valid for 2 weeks simply so we can track active and pending pro orders. If you need more time to order your gear, please let us know when you contact us and we can extend your code.


      To prove your eligibility you can attach one of the following: current proof of employment, copy of employment contract, letter from your boss, an image of your valid professional card, copy of your resort or ski shop pay stub* for the current ski season or an image of your military, veteran or first-responder ID.

      *When emailing proof of eligibility please make sure you black out any sensitive data such as SSN, pay figures or any other sensitive or confidential data.

      If you can't provide at least one of the above, please send us any other proof you might have demonstrating your eligibility.


      If you were referred to this program by one of Majesty's regional sales reps, please include the representative's name. This will speed up our approval process.


      • Pro-deals can only be applied to new, current season gear. It may not be combined with other coupons, discounts or deals.
      • Majesty pro-deal is a single offer per season. Your pro status gives you a unique discount that is only valid for a single transaction. Do not share or give it away. Should you wish to make additional pro-deal transactions for yourself, please contact us again.
      • You are eligible to purchase items for yourself and yourself only. If you purchase for someone other than yourself using your personal pro-deal code, you may be permanently denied from participating in Majesty's pro-deal program in the future.
      • All pro-deals are subject to the same terms and conditions, warranties, returns and shipping offers as normal purchases. Please see our Warranty, FAQ and Terms of Use pages for details.
      Welcome to the Majesty Skis family!