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      We are looking for established independent reps and sales agencies specializing in the business of selling snow sports gear to retailers. 

      Available Territories:

      • South West US (CA, NV, AZ, TX)
      • Northeast & Mid Atlantic US (VT, NY, PA, MA, NH)
      • Midwest US
      • Western Canada
      • Eastern Canada incl. Quebec 


      • You are an experienced sports equipment rep and a true "gear-head" with a passion for selling rising independent brands to specialty ski retailers. 
      • You are a full time independent sales professional specializing in sports equipment hard goods sales. While we appreciate inquiries from part time reps, or candidates unfamiliar with the sports equipment and ski market, you need to be an established outdoor sports equipment rep to be considered.
      • You are a skilled skier who is very familiar with both the backcountry and resort skiing segments. On the snow demos, events and actively skiing with buyers and shop owners is a big part of how you close sales.
      • You are familiar with modern ski designs and construction, and can comfortably work as a product expert providing training and clinics to ski shop employees.
      • You are able participate in local trade shows and are equipped to run key wholesale demos in your territory such as regional Sales Rep Association events and on the snow demos. You may be asked to participate in or manage ski equipment test events.
      • You are a great communicator and a passionate brand builder.
      • A typical product sample portfolio value needed to be successful in this opportunity is $5-$10K depending on your territory. Product collections are updated every 2 years. Your sample set will include skis, bindings and assorted accessories. A 10x10 demo tent with custom print canopy will be required for all on the snow events and ski demos. 

      To inquire, please send your introduction, resume and sample budget to