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    Help us expand into specialty retail stores in the key regions of the United States and Western Canada. We are searching for customer focused and revenue driven independent sales reps with experience in the art of selling skis.

    The ideal candidates are expert ski sales reps and sales agencies specializing in outdoor equipment brands. You need to have an established network of customers and maintain profitable business relationships with reputable ski shops in your state or in a multi-state territory. You need to be an expert brand builder and crave the challenge of selling an indie ski brand that is ripe for expansion in the North American market. 

    As the face of this brand in the field you are going to be your customers' first contact with Majesty Skis and brand ambassador. It is important that you have solid experience with pitching a 20+ models product portfolio and the brand's value proposition to the retailers. Ideally, you have previously successfully grown a new brand with your clients, from the ground up. It is important that you are hungry for success, committed to growing revenue and are well familiar with, and prepared for the long sales cycle as an independent sales professional in the ski business.

    In return, we offer competitive commission rates and performance based bonuses.

    Primary responsibilities:
    • Close sales and drive revenue.
    • Research, identify and convert new retail accounts.
    • Maintain productive and profitable relationships with accounts.
    • Identify and attend relevant events in your territory to drive brand awareness with shops.
    • Provide regular feedback on customer needs, product trends and growth opportunities.
    • You are a ski gearhead who understands product trends, designs and styles.
    • You are a full time independent sales professional working in the ski and outdoor industry segment (inquiries from sales reps who are not full time sports and outdoor industry professionals will not be considered.)
    • You are focused on customer service. Closing deals with happy customers is your top competence.
    • You are a financially stable business pro and have a steady revenue flow from the portfolio of brands you represent. You must be able to comfortably purchase product samples and if desired, a ski demo fleet that you'll use at local and regional demo events in your territory.
    • You have well established relationships with key winter retail accounts in your territory.
    • You have the ability to travel outside your territory to attend an industry trade show or an official media event such as ski-tests with major ski publications.
    • You are ambitious, competitive, outgoing and self-motivated.
    • You are a great communicator and respond to emails and messages without delay.
    • You have a passion for skiing and for representing innovative, unique, high quality products.

    To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and your value proposition to 

    Majesty’s marketing and branding activities consist of tests and reviews in ski publications, engagement in social media, direct email campaigns, product giveaway campaigns directly or via magazines including Backcountry Magazine. Each season we select official Buyers' Guide tests that we attend that may include Freeskier Magazine, Backcountry Magazine and Powder Magazine and we participate in independent reviews and gear guides including and as well as local on the snow demos for the general public.