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      Who is Majesty Skis? What’s your story?

      Majesty Skis was founded in 2007 by Janusz Borowiec (JB) - a pro-windsurfer, freeskier, freerider and ski culture advocate with a passion for transforming the backcountry scene. From the very start, our brand was heavily influenced by the traditions of backcountry skiing practiced by the highlanders of the High Tatra Mountains of southern Poland. Since our humble beginnings, Majesty has been very diligent to establish itself as one of the most innovative E.U. based independent ski brands. Modern designs and construction, the latest ski engineering and materials, stability and performance, original artist driven theme graphics and environmentally sustainable, tip to tail engineered wood cores are just some of the leading components that helped us shine as a modern and agile indie brand. Today Majesty consistently attracts and maintains a loyal fan base of freeskiers, backcountry, touring enthusiasts, big mountain freeride skiers, FWQ & FWT competitors from all around the world.

      We are a ski brand that is driven by skiers, for skiers. We stand for excellent craftsmanship and visionary ideas. Majesty is the brand to be associated with 2D hybrid technology, 4x4 Design Concept and the idea of uniting sports with art by emphasizing our unique fusion of design, technology, and sports performance. Majesty has pioneered our Skis4Trees program, where a tree is planted for every pair of skis we sell.

      What’s your story in North America?

      Majesty started to sell skis the U.S. through a third party distribution channel in Utah as early as 2011. We had a strong start and were quickly discovered for our ski shapes, unique graphic designs, quality construction and performance. User and press reviews followed as well as several recognition awards presented by ski magazines including Freeskier and Powder. It was clear to us that the brand and brand values as well as our products were being very well received by the U.S. skiers and in 2016 Majesty Skis America HQ was established in the Seattle metro area.

      Why not continue to work with a distributor?

      Direct presence and distribution allows us to engage with our North American customers much more closely. We can provide easy, quick and affordable access to Majesty products locally through many top tier ski shops as well as directly to consumers via our own e-commerce channel. We are able to represent the brand and tell our story as it should be told. Since 2016 we have been fully immersed in building solid relationships with the North American ski industry, ski shops, industry insiders and pros as well as the ski industry press, professional gear testers, critics and most importantly our customers who ski our skis.

      Why the Pacific Northwest? Why not more central location like the Rocky Mountains?

      We live here! The PNW is the bee's knees! This region offers unparalleled backcountry and ski mountaineering terrain with the volcano season stretching way into the summer months. The Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges are a short drive away. As one of the most dynamic commerce centers in North America, Seattle offers easy access to shipping and logistics, business infrastructure and close proximity to top ski areas in British Columbia. Plus a little known fact, Seattle is also the sister city to the city of Gdynia where the Majesty HQ is located, so it’s also the little things that matter.

      Why should I buy your skis?

      Majesty is a brand for everyone. We believe that skiing is a culture and lifestyle. We are an independent brand and family business that's driven by skiers who push ski design innovation to the next level. Our passion is in listening to what our customers want and handcrafting great performing, great looking skis. We never cut corners and we build quality products for all-mountain, big-mountain and backcountry skiers who are searching for a different brand with a cool story. We feel that great performing skis should also be visually inspiring and hence we've partnered with comic book and tattoo artists who create our unique, original graphics. With our roots in environmental sustainability and performance engineering, we feel that our freeride origination story and style makes skiing more exciting.  If you like unique, handcrafted products, and if you feel passionate about supporting small, creative and independent brands rather than mass manufacturers, then you may feel right at home with Majesty brand skis in your quiver. Together with other small indie brands, we all work extra hard to bring amazing products and ski culture to our communities all around the world. 

      What is Majesty's stand on environmental sustainability in manufacturing?

      One of our existential principles is environmental awareness, sustainability and protecting the natural environment by minimizing the impact that ski manufacturing can have on the natural environment. As a ski builder, we emphasize that all Majesty ski cores are made of wood. To achieve the perfect tip to tail flex and durability of our skis, we use ash, poplar and paulownia wood that is FSC certified. To create one pair of skis we typically need 0.09 cubic meters (3.17 cubic ft) of carefully selected wood raw material. This means that a lot of pairs of skis can be created from a single tree. To offset our use of wood in our ski cores, we re-plant trees. Our goal is to inspire all manufacturers and consumers to care more about our natural environment and sustainable, ethical manufacturing. This is why we plant a tree seedling for every pair of skis we sell. We created our own Skis4Trees program and it is our own way of giving back to Mother Earth.

      Where can I read some reviews of your skis?

      New reviews and blog posts are updated all the time so we may not have a full list here but here are some links of the latest mentions:

      Do you have stickers? Can you send me some?

      Yes! Here's how to get them:

      1. Send us a note via the Contact Us form with your name and mailing address
      2. Like our Facebook page
      3. Follow us on Instagram

      We’ll then hook you up with some free stickers.

      Do you offer Pro-deals for industry insiders, ski-shop and resort employees?

      Yes! Please see our Pro-Deal page for information.

      Do you offer sponsorships and brand ambassador opportunities?

      We sponsor several skiers around the world including the U.S. and Canada. We are always looking for highly visible freeriders, backcountry-touring pros, mountain guides and community influencers. If you are a high-profile skier and influencer, give us a holler via the contact us page or the pro-deal page. If you don't nail a sponsorship we can still offer a generous pro-deal to all who qualify.

      Are you looking for Sales People?

      Yes! We are currently looking to expand our North American reach to specialty ski shops around the US and Canada, and are actively looking for independent sales representatives and sales agencies. Interested parties can enquire by using the contact us form or send us an email to marketing@majestyskisamerica.com.

      Where can I buy Majesty Skis in North America?

      Majesty skis can be ordered online directly from majestyskisamerica.com and select models can be purchased from one of our U.S. and Canadian retail partners including Backcountry, Powder7, UTE Mountaineer, SkiUphill and others. We are working on adding more flagship retailers throughout North America. Here's our current list.

      Do you ship to Canada?

      Yes we ship to Canada. We may charge a shipping fee depending on the order value and delivery destination in Canada. Deliveries to some Canadian territories may require expedited courier services that result in higher shipping fees that are collected at the time of the order. In addition to the shipping fee that Majesty Skis may charge, you should expect to pay a fee to clear the Canadian Customs at the port of entry as well as any local taxes that may need to be collected at the time of the delivery of your package.

      Before placing your order, please assess your total delivery cost. Remember, you are importing products from another country.

      When in doubt please call CBSA info line: 1-800-461-9999

      CAUTION: Importing of goods to Canada including e-commerce orders shipped from the U.S. to Canada may be a subject to local taxes, import duties as well as customs clearance and handling fees that Canada Post, UPS and FedEx charge for clearing your import through the Canadian customs. These extra costs are your responsibility and are not included in any shipping charges that Majesty Skis collects during order placement.  You can minimize fees by clearing your import yourself with your local Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). If you are importing goods to Canada - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST

      For information only:

      1. Canada Post - Importing Goods by Mail.
      2. UPS - Customs Clearance Fees for importing goods into Canada.
      3. FedEx - Customs Clearance Fees for importing goods into Canada.

      CAUTION: If you refuse to receive a shipment that was sent to you because you are unable to pay the required local import taxes and fees, we will only refund you a portion of the transaction after charging you the actual cost of shipping the product to you, and any additional fees required to return the product back to our U.S. office.

      Do you ship to Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand?
      • Majesty Skis America currently does not ship skis to Europe. European customers are welcome to shop at www.majestyskis.com  where you select location Rest Of The World. There you can purchase products that we will deliver to you from our European distribution center. Free shipping is available for orders from Europe, that are valued over 100 Euro.
      • Majesty Skis America ships to Japan, S.Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Customers from these regions should check with your local Customs Office about any import taxes and fees that you may owe, before placing an order with Majesty Skis America. Alternatively if you prefer to buy Majesty skis from other online retailers in the United States please check availability with powder7.com as they might ship Majesty Skis worldwide.

      CAUTION: Importing of goods from the United States including e-commerce orders shipped from the U.S. to your home country may be subject to local sales tax, VAT or import duties. These costs are your responsibility, not ours. These costs are not included in the shipping and handling fees that Majesty Skis charges to the customer. All skis and cotton apparel are made in the European Union and importing them back to the E.U. may be subject to the VAT or import taxes. 

      CAUTION: If you refuse a shipment that has been received by the customs in your country of residence, because you decide to not pay the import taxes or fees, when the product has been returned to us, we will refund you the portion of the cost you paid after charging you for all shipping to you, and any additional fees paid to return the product back to our U.S. location.

      How much do you charge for shipping & handling? What's the estimated delivery time?

      All listed prices are in US Dollars.

      During off-season, inventory blowouts, demo ski sale events etc. or when purchasing with a pro-deal discount, we may charge a shipping & handling fee to cover shipping cost of already discounted products. Otherwise the below rules apply:

      Within the Lower 48 United States:

      • Free shipping all orders valued above $100. FedEx Ground. Signature required.
      • Order value below $100 ship by US Postal Service, FedEx or UPS. Signature not required. Cost: $12.50.
      • Estimated delivery: 1-5 business days after package shipped, depending on location.

      Alaska & Hawaii:

      • Order value up to $100: USPS Package: $15.00
      • Order value $100.01 to $200: USPS Package: $25.00
      • Order value $200.01 $1000.00: Courier service, box dimension 74x6x6 or 74x4x4. Cost: $75. Signature required.
      • Orders above $1000: Courier service, cost $100.00
      • FedEx Overnight and 2Day services are available for orders over $350.00
      • Estimated delivery: 3-5 business days after package shipped, depending on location.


      All products ship from Seattle, Washington State and distance based shipping fees apply as following:

      Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan:

      • Order value $320 and above. FedEx/UPS Ground intl. Signature required. Cost $45.00.
      • Order value $150 - $319.99. FedEx/UPS Ground intl. Signature required. Cost $25.00.
      • Orders valued $50.01-$149.99 ship by Postal Service. Signature not required. Cost: $15.00
      • Orders below $50 ship by Postal Service. Signature not required. Cost: $12.50.
      • Estimated delivery: 5-7 business days after package shipped, depending on location.

      New Brunswick, Newfounland, NW Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island

      • Order value above $150. FedEx/UPS intl. Signature required. Cost $100.00.
      • Orders valued $50.01-$149.99 ship by Postal Service. Signature not required. Cost: $25.00.
      • Orders below $50 ship by Postal Service. Signature not required. Cost: $15.00.


      • Free shipping all orders valued above $350. FedEx Ground intl. Signature required.
      • Orders below $50 ship by Postal Service. Signature not required. Cost: $20.00.
      • Orders valued $50.01-$349.99 ship by Postal Service. Signature not required. Cost: $40.00
      • Estimated delivery: 5-7 business days after package shipped, depending on location.

      Australia and New Zealand:

      • Orders valued $100 or below: First Class Mail intl. flat fee $38.00.
      • Orders valued $100.01 - $199.99: Priority Mail Intl. flat fee $75.00.
      • Ski orders valued $200.00-$1499.99: FedEx Intl. Priority. Signature required. Cost: $150.00
      • Ski orders valued $1500.00-$2499.99: FedEx Intl. Priority. Signature required. Cost: $200.00
      • Ski orders valued $2500.00-$5000.00: FedEx Intl. Priority. Signature required. Cost: $250.00
      • Ski orders above $5000: Intl. Freight service. Please contact us.
      • Estimated delivery: 5-10 business days after package shipped, depending on location.


      Majesty Skis America currently does not ship skis to Europe. European customers are welcome to shop at www.majestyskis.com  where you select from location options for France and Rest Of The World. There you can purchase product that will be delivered to you from our European distribution center. European orders over 100 Euro, placed on majestyskis.com ship free of charge.


        • Orders valued $100 or below: First Class Mail intl. flat fee $38.00.
        • Orders valued $100.01 - $199.99: Priority Mail Intl. flat fee $75.00.
        • Ski orders valued $200.00-$2499.99: FedEx Intl. Priority. Signature required. Cost: $150.00
        • Ski orders valued $2500.00-$5000.00: FedEx Intl. Priority. Signature required. Cost: $250.00
        • Ski orders above $5000: Intl. Freight service. Please contact us.
        • Estimated delivery: 5-15 business days after package shipped, depending on location.

        CAUTION: All imports from the United States may be subject to local duty and customs fees as well as extended shipping times due to customs clearance times in your home country. Shipping and handling times listed on this website are estimations and they depend entirely on the carrier and local customs clearance times and rules of your home country. 

        CAUTION:  International deliveries may take longer than expected. Transfer duration times listed within the shopping cart of this website are estimations based on estimates obtained from USPS.com, FedEx or UPS. How long it actually takes for the package to arrive depends entirely on factors including the carrier, local import laws and customs clearance times at your home country. Certain items such as apparel and smaller packages are shipped via Mail. Once a package has been mailed and it arrived at your home country's port of entry it is beyond our control to track it or estimate time of arrival to the final destination. When you order online from Majesty Skis America and are shipping the package overseas you are releasing Majesty Skis America, LLC from any responsibility regarding transfer times or delivery to your home address. 

        CAUTION: If your package is returned to us due to carrier not being able to deliver to you because you're not available to sign for the package, or refuse pay local taxes or import fees, all charges incurred for shipping to you and back to us will be charged to you.

        Do you charge sales tax?

        All e-commerce orders shipped outside the State of Washington are not charged sales taxes. Majesty authorized retailers may charge sales tax based on their physical location and local sales tax regulations.

        Once I've placed an online order with you, can I change or cancel the order?

        Yes, once you have submitted your order you can cancel your order before the order has shipped (typically within 24 hours.) Use the Contact Us form or use the blue "Message Us" Facebook messenger link on the bottom right, as soon as possible.

        Once your order has been shipped, you can exchange the products by returning the package to us at your own expense. Only unused products in their original packaging will be accepted for the refund/exchange. Once we have received the package back from you and verified that the product is in its original unused condition, we will refund the original cost of the product minus the original shipping and handling cost (typically between $30-$60 on ski shipments to US and Canada. Check topic above for international shipping fees.)

        What is your warranty policy?

        Please review our Warranty policy.

        What payment options do you accept?

        We accept major credit cards (VISA, MC, AMEX, DC, JCB, DISCOVER). We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options. We currently do not offer payment plans or split-pay options.

        How can I demo your skis?

        We schedule on-the-snow demos a few times per season at ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest, Colroado and Utah. Please check our events calendar on Majesty Skis America Facebook Page and other social media channels. If you are a ski-shop looking to test our products, please contact us and we will respond within 48hours to arrange a demo with one of our field reps.