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    the idea is very simple
    With every pair of Majesty skis you buy,

    a tree is being planted on your behalf!

    this is how



    As a company, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by doing something more than just reducing the amount of paper used. We’ve decided to plant trees. Our goal is to inspire people to care and think more about the environment. Trees for skis with SKIS4TREES! We strongly believe it is absolutely crucial to match trees with the environment they are to grow in.

    All our trees are planted in designated nature reserve areas, in line with existing forestry regulations. These regulations determine what kind of trees we can plant and where.

    As a ski-manufacturing company, we cannot emphasize enough that the Majesty ski cores are made tip to tail of wood. To achieve that perfect flex and extreme durability of our skis, we use ash and poplar FSC certified wood cores of best quality.

    trees planted

    To make Majesty skis we use only two kinds of wood – poplar and ash. To produce a pair of Majesty skis, we usually need 0.09 m3 of carefully selected wood of high quality. This means a lot of pairs of skis can be produced from only one tree. We wanted our action to be clear and easy to understand. That is why we have decided to plant a tree seedling for every pair of skis we sell.