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      Equipped with our cutting-edge 4x4 Design Concept (4Radius sidecut x 4Radius rocker), the Havoc Carbon guarantees stability at high speeds without compromising maneuverability in tight spaces. Its innovative shape, enhanced by the 4Radius sidecut, ensures agile and precise turns, no matter the terrain.

      166 cm 1700 g 138 - 110 - 124 mm 21 m
      171 cm 1750 g 139 - 110 - 125 mm 21 m
      176 cm 1825 g 140 - 110 - 125 mm 21 m
      181 cm 1950 g 141 - 110 - 126 mm 23 m
      186 cm 2000 g 143 - 110 - 127 mm 23 m
      191 cm 2130 g 144 - 110 - 128 mm 23 m

      Majesty Havoc Carbon technical profile color: Black, graphite with rosebud cherry fade.
      top sheet finish: matte, scuff resistant material, carbon layup visible in transparent Majesty logo
      skier ability: advanced - expert
      designed for: freeride-touring
      design: semi-hybrid: tip rocker/camber
      shape: directional
      flex: directional
      flex ratio: 9 (1=soft | 10=stiff)
      rocker type: 240 mm (tips)
      construction: 4Radius rocker, 4Radius sidecut, semi-cap sidewalls, triax + quadrax fiberglass, full biax carbon fiber layup
      wood core: tip to tail paulownia core with poplar inserts
      base: fast base IS7200
      extras: 4x4 Design Concept, textolite composite plates in binding area, skin bracket heels
      mounting drill bit: 3.6mm x 9mm with tap (4mm x 9mm without tap)

      • Recommended binding: Majesty-ATK R12 108 mm or equivalent
      • Recommended crampon width: 120 mm

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Decker B
      Quick, Strong and Playful Ski

      Love these skis, went from some Black Crows that I loved, but these, these are absolutely beautiful and amazing to ride on. They can handle anything I throw at them and are so lightweight. The product photos don’t really show it, but the transparent top sheet over the Majesty logo and the Carbon element square are gorgeous in the sun and will make all your fellow skiers jealous.

      Austin B
      Best Freeride touring ski ever

      Boy o boy. These skis delivered. Majesty knocked it out of the park on these. Spent about 10 days touring these through the Alaskan backcountry and they are incredible, so light and nimble for the uptrack, but strong, stable and playful for the down. These things crushed in deep snow with the big rocketed tips and made skiing those dreamy Alaskan spines a dream. Best free ride touring ski on the market

      Playful, strong and light, with no compromise on downhill performance.

      Safe to say, I was absolutely blown away by my first day on these, and have continued to be ever since. These skis are strong and stable enough to feel comfortable sending tight chutes and tackling slopes well past 45 degrees. But they’re also playful enough to throw around and make riding any conditions enjoyable. On top of that, they’re light enough to make touring much more enjoyable than other heavy substitutes.

      I bounced around different pairs of Freeride skis before I settled on the havocs, but am now completely set on these being my go to all-mountain ski. I mounted them with shift 13 bindings, and cannot tell you how enjoyable it is to tour with a ski that is light but doesn’t compromise on downhill performance.