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      The ergonomic shape of the frame and the padding made from three layers of foam make the goggles extremely comfortable, ensuring a perfect fit under the helmet. Rest assured about proper ventilation – the layout of the vents and the special anti-fog coating on the lens guarantee an unobstructed view of the mountains on warmer days. Our professional grade lenses provide full protection against intense UV radiation.

      The unique MAJESTY XENON™ lens

      A high contrast lens that provides excellent visibility in all weather conditions. From bright sunshine to cloudy skies and even in snowy conditions, the XENON™ lens offers a high level of contrast, improving the skier’s ability to see clearly.

      These goggles come with a hard case and microfiber pouch, for cleaning, travel and storage.

      Technical Specs:

      frame: BLACK
      mirror lens: BLACK PEARL VLT: 12% - cat. 3
      bad weather lens: XENON HD Rose Revo VLT: 75% - cat.1

      • mold injected frame 
      • double spherical mirror lenses
      • triple density foam including mesh finish
      • magnetic lens attachment for easy lens swap

      • ergonomic frame design (pre-pressed for extra comfort)
      • seamless goggle-to-helmet compatibility
      • double spherical mirror lens placed in a nano-frame
      • included CITRINE spare lens for bad weather conditions
      • anti-fog and anti-smudge coating
      • magnetic quick-change lens system
      • 9 connection points, 18 magnets (placed in frame and lens)
      • seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal
      • effortless lens to frame self-alignment
      • wide field of view, both horizontal and vertical
      • frame ventilated system at the top and bottom of goggles
      • matte finish frame
      • helmet compatible frame
      • 100% UV Protection
      • adjustable strap with Majesty logo
      • Includes compression-molded storage case and microfiber goggle pouch for storage and cleaning the lens

      Ski Goggle Selection:

      Choosing the right ski goggles is a crucial factor that directly impacts comfort and safety during mountain excursions. Our goggles are not just stylish accessories; they are professional equipment with precisely defined parameters and outstanding features.

      Two key parameters define ski goggle lenses: CAT (goggle category) and VLT (Visible Light Transmission). The CAT parameter establishes the goggle category range, while VLT indicates how much natural light reaches the eye. A higher VLT rating means more light reaches the eyes.

      Majesty Eyewear