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      The COT-tech creates slightly shorter skis in the tail-end but leaves no compromises around usability. The effective edge extends nearly the entire length of the ski. If backcountry agility is your thing and you're used to skiing 180-185 cm touring skis, for the Supernova we recommend the 177 cm length. No need to carry the extra weight, while the extra length would only get in your way on switchbacks. The COT design was developed to let you comfortably and safely use shorter and lighter skis with the confidence of a bigger and heavier ski. With the COT design, you're more agile on the skin track and are able to reach your goals faster. You also get much more versatile and yet stable and lightweight carbon skis for gnarly, steep and tight terrain such as narrow couloirs and tree runs. The Supernova Carbon topsheet features bright gray color spiced with a metallic finish that creates stunning looking skis. You can mount your skis +1 cm forward from the recommended line if you prefer a more centered stance.

      161 cm 1300 g 132 - 100 - 116mm 15.5 m
      169 cm 1450 g 134 - 101 - 118mm 17 m
      177 cm 1540 g 136 - 103 - 120mm 19.6 m
      185 cm 1630 g 138 - 105 - 122mm 22 m

      Majesty Supernova Carbon technical profile color: Bright gray, black & mocha with metallic finish.
      top sheet finish: matte, scuff resistant material
      skier ability: advanced - expert
      designed for: touring
      design: semi-hybrid: tip rocker/camber
      shape: directional
      flex: directional
      flex ratio: 7 (1=soft | 10=stiff)
      rocker type: 250 mm (tips)
      construction: semi-cap sidewalls, triax + biax fiberglass
      wood core: tip to tail paulownia core
      base: fast base IS7200
      extras: COT design, arched tails, textolite composite plates in binding area, skin bracket heels
      mounting drill bit: 3.6mm x 9mm

      • Recommended binding: Majesty/ATK R12 108 mm or equivalent
      • Recommended Crampon size: ATK 108 mm+

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