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      The spacer comes in a set of two and is supplied with several washers to customize the height of the pads for a perfect fit with any boot model. Remember to ALWAYS check the fit for your boot's sole and if needed, adjust the height of the pads for a perfect fit with your boots. If the height of the spacer is not properly adjusted two things could happen: 1) There will be a small gap between the boot and the spacer, which defeats the purpose of having the spacer or 2) too much pressure from your boot on the spacer pads may damage or tear off the pads during skiing. Set the micro-height adjustment so that you can slide a sheet of paper between your boot sole and the top of the freeride spacers when your boot is clipped into the binding but unweighted. When you are in your boots, your bodyweight will create a solid connection with the spacers without putting too much pressure on them.

      Weight: 28 grams
      Color: Black
      Designed for: Majesty R13 EVO, ATK Raider 13 EVO, ATK Freeraider 15 EVO