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      4x4 Concept banner

      4Radius sidecut and 4Radius rocker

      The 4Radius sidecut is the result of applying 4 different radii to the sidecut of the ski. This solution enabled us to extend the contact edge without sacrificing agility.

      The new 4Radius sidecut makes turns easier, enhances confidence, stability and control in all types of terrain. It enables you to feel the entire length of the ski, which gives you much more control.

      You can use the edge more effectively, keep it engaged longer and get more out of each turn. You can make short sharp turns, long big-mountain turns and you can release the edge when needed. With our new 4x4 skis you can literally squeeze each turn exactly when you need it.

      The 4Radius rocker is the result of applying 4 different radii to the rocker line. The new 4Radius rocker tip reduces drag, maximizes control and top speed.

      The 4x4 design concept was launched with the Havoc – our directional freeride skis, the Vadera - women's specific alternation of the Havoc and the Vanguard – our double rocker/flat camber powder freeride skis.

      Whatever model you choose, you will feel the same sensational flawless performance.
      You can now re//define your goals and experience the future of high performance technical freeride skis. One pair to do it all.