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      The adjustable pole length range is 105 cm to 145 cm that fits most male and female skiers. This design offers a wide range of adjustability, light weight, comfort and durability during long tours and traverses. The seamless wrist strap is made of high durability polyester that is light and breathable. Replacement snow baskets as well as giant 120mm deep powder baskets are available as an optional accessory.

      1. The snow baskets are threaded. To avoid losing your snow baskets please make sure to screw them on securely onto the tip. Check that your snow baskets are secure before you go skiing.
      2. To adjust the pole at desired length, first unlock it by releasing the quick lock clasp and untwisting the pole loose. Adjust the length of the pole, then twist lock it tightly by holding the upper shaft in place while twisting the lower shaft until it is tight and secure, and then lock the clasp. Do not overtighten the clasping mechanism to avoid damaging it.

      adjustable length: 105 - 145 cm 

      shaft material: 100% recyclable, anodized 7075 aluminum
      grip material:  durable foam grip and polyester strap
      weight: 231 grams

      • thick 18 mm Alu 7075 tube for extra rigidity
      • thinner 16 mm lower tube shaft for a lighter and better balanced ski pole, with reduced swing effect and wind gust resistance
      • durable carbide metal tip
      • touring style foam grips with rounded handles
      • light and breathable touring straps with logos
      • 85 mm snow rings included
      • 120 mm powder ring accessory available to purchase
      • durable double lock system (quick lock + twist lock)
      • quick lock with alloy lever - a locking system recommended for ski-mountaineering, easy to adjust with the extra twist lock for added security
      • stylish matte finish with the Superwolf skis graphics
      • Handmade in Italy