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      Technical Specs:

      frame: BLACK 
      mirror lens: PHOTOCHROMIC LENS  VLT: cat.3 - cat.1

      • oversized design
      • mold injected frame 
      • double spherical mirror lenses
      • triple density foam including mesh finish
      • magnetic lens attachment for easy lens swap

      • ergonomic frame design (pre-pressed for extra comfort)
      • seamless goggle-to-helmet compatibility
      • double spherical mirror lens placed in a nano-frame
      • anti-fog and anti-smudge coating
      • magnetic quick-change lens system
      • 9 connection points, 18 magnets (placed in frame and lens)
      • seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal
      • effortless lens to frame self-alignment
      • wide field of view, both horizontal and vertical
      • frame ventilated system at the top and bottom of goggles
      • matte finish frame
      • helmet compatible frame
      • 100% UV Protection
      • adjustable strap with Majesty logo
      • double silicone stripe on the goggle strap to keep your goggles securely in place
      • Includes compression-molded storage case and microfiber goggle pouch for storage and cleaning the lens

      Deep Dive:

      What is so special about Majesty Force-S photochromic goggles? Three words: light activated tint. The Force-S comes quipped with a high-tech spherical lens that adapts to the changing light conditions. The lens darkens when it's activated by bright light of sufficient intensity and it returns to the more clear state, when the weather changes to cloudy or the light conditions darken. This is an ideal eye-wear solution for skiers and boarders who often experience variable weather conditions or tend to ski and ride in cloudy areas such as e.g. The Cascades in the Pacific Northwest - our backyard. Magnetic force is what makes lens swapping and cleaning so effortless. The lens attaches to the frame with 18 magnets that ensure a perfectly secure fit and seal between the lens and the frame. You can now pop out the lens to clean or replace it, without taking your gloves off or your goggles off. With the goggle frame still strapped to your head, you can pop the lens out and pop it back in, simply using the force of the magnets. Who knew that using the force would be this easy?