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      About the Hybrid skin technology:

      The Hybrid is the first adhesive for climbing skins that is composed of two layers. The first one holds the skin firmly and securely in place even at low temperatures while it can be effortlessly pulled off and no residues remain on the ski. The second layer joins the adhesive layer and the skin itself. The result:

    • Perfect adhesion to the ski even at low temperatures.
    • Effortless removal from the ski.
    • Low maintenance – the adhesive does not have to be re-glued.

    • When the adhesive is dirty it can be regenerated by simply washing it with ordinary detergent. Use the hybrid cleaning spray to remove tenacious dirt or wax residue. Easy handling: Skins can be folded without any foil or sheet.

      Technical Specs:

      plush: 70% mohair blend
      tip attachment: ski tip fixture with solid wire buckle
      tail attachment: adjustable strap with a tail clip

      Our ski skins come with a branded satchel for storing your skins and a microfiber cloth used to dry and clean ski bases before applying the skins. A simple and effective tool for your ski touring adventures.