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      What sets the Dirty Bear XL apart from other skis out there is out revolutionary 4Radius rocker and 4Radius sidecut design, which makes all the difference for turn initiation and control. So if you're ready to take your freestyle skiing to new heights, these skis are your trusty companions.

      162 cm 1630 g 140 - 105 - 130 mm 16 m
      168 cm 1720 g 140 - 105 - 130 mm 17 m
      174 cm 1800 g 140 - 105 - 130 mm 18.5 m
      180 cm 1910 g 140 - 105 - 130 mm 20 m
      186 cm 2000 g 140 - 105 - 130 mm 21 m

      Majesty Skis Dirty Bear XL technical profile color: Tangerine & Black
      top sheet finish: matte, scuff resistant material
      skier ability: intermediate - expert
      designed for: all-mountain & backcountry freestyle
      design: hybrid: rocker/camber/rocker
      shape: directional twin tip
      flex: twin
      flex ratio: 7 (1=soft | 10=stiff)
      rocker type: 240 mm (tips)
      construction: semi-cap sidewalls, triax + biax fiberglass
      wood core: playful poplar & ash blend core
      base: fast base IS7200
      extras: 4Radius sidecut, 4Radius rocker (tip & tail)
      mounting drill bit: 3.6mm x 9mm

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Piotr Wojarski
      If I could have only one pair in my quiver, it would be it

      I got that ski as an "all mountain off piste" ski and it does great in under powder day under 1 foot, but surprisingly it's also super fun on groomers and I ended up using it in park more than my "park skis".
      Really good product!

      Austin Becker
      The One-Quiver Freestyle Destroyer

      Incredible ski. Quick and nimble on groomers, playful tip and tail, and very supportive in the backcountry on those bigger hits. Feels extremely stable at speeds and floats on a soft snow effortlessly. Favorite ski in the line up

      Mike MacBlane
      Most fun you’ll have on the mountain

      I’ve skied the 180s for the past season and a half and I love these skis. They are so much fun in the park with so much pop and butter like a dream. But when you take them out of the park is where they shine. They are so quick and nimble and they make it so easy to turn the mountain into your park. Everything from big airs to jibing around you’ll always enjoy the dirty bear XLs. I highly recommend them




      Great all mountain ski.