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      Available Sizes [cm] 162 170 178
      Sidecut [mm]
      tip: 120 120 120
      waist: 100 100 100
      tail: 115 115 115
      radius [m] 15.6 18 20.6
      weight per ski [g] 1590 1750 1810

      Tech Specs:
      Majesty Velvet Backcountry Skis for Women color: magenta-rose w/ bronze accents
      top sheet finish matte, scuff resistant material
      skier ability: intermediate - advanced
      designed for: backcontry freeride, powder
      design: hybrid: rocker/camber/rocker
      shape: directional twin tip
      flex: directional
      flex ratio: 6 (1=soft | 10=stiff)
      rocker type: classic 200mm @ 162cm - tips and tails. Elliptical 240mm @ 170cm & 178cm - tips & tails
      construction: sandwich construction, ABS sidewalls help absorb impact of drops and add torsional rigidity, biaxial & triaxial fiberglass laminate
      wood core: poplar & ash blend
      base: fast base IS7200
      extras: softer flex pattern and lighter weight designed specifically for female skiers.
      mounting drill bit: 3.6mm x 9mm

       Majesty Skis - Velvet Skis - Construction


      Deep Dive:

      Velvet are lightweight backcountry skis designed for women. The 100mm underfoot width combined with the hybrid profile (tip rocker - camber - tail rocker) will help you maintain full control and experience playful and fun skiing along the entire ride. You will appreciate the strong edge grip and agility as you carve into each turn on hardpack snow. The ABS sidewalls add torsional rigidity and resistance of the ski from twisting and bending side to side as you initiate your turns and start to put it on edge. With the 120mm wide, and 200 mm long rocker tips your skis will easily glide and float on top of fresh powder while maintaining their full agility and maneuverability. When you land drops, the flex and dynamic responsiveness of the camber suspension supported by the dense ABS sidewall material will cushion your landings and help absorb the impact, making each drop feel softer.