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    We know that it can be a challenge to find a perfect pair of skis that ski everything. Challenge no more - introducing the Supernovas. We think that this is as close as you can get to a "made to measure" pair of skis. One model - two versions. The two Supernovas are explosive with differences in build, construction and material, all carefully selected for their diverse fields of use and skiing styles.


    The Supernovas change the common perception of freetour, freeride and all-mountain skiing. Both versions are extremely versatile, precise, responsive and they hit all the marks as stand out performers, from shrilling hardpack to floating through powder. Both versions literally ski everything but they are highly specialized tools. Here, we’ll focus on the main differences between the two versions:


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    Supernova LTD

    supernova ltd
    award badge Supernova LTD is a performance all-mountain/freeride ski that is built with poplar/ash wood core, triax fiberglass and reinforced top sheet. It was designed to ski in all types of snow conditions and charge various terrain. It is destined for freeride and all-mountain skiing and can be equipped with all types of bindings - alpine or touring.

    Supernova LTD are extremely versatile skis that successfully blur the line between freeride and all-mountain skiing. These skis ski everything.

    Industry awards:

    Powder Magazine (US)
    NTN Magazine (Poland)

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    Supernova SL

    supernova sl
    award badge award badge Supernova SL is an advanced and light (1450g/ski size 177cm) technical ski that is built with ultralight paulownia wood core and carbon/aramid/Kevlar fibers.

    Built for advanced skiers who crave backcountry adventures and the challenge of skinning up and skiing down the highest and most distant mountains. This product is destined for freetouring and touring and it should be mounted with high-end, light weight, Alpine-Touring bindings such as the Majesty/ATK Raider 12 2.0.

    Supernova SL are Super-Light skis that successfully blur the line between freetouring and freeride.

    Industry awards:

    Ski Rando Magazine (France)
    Freeride Testival (Austria/Germany)
    Backcountry Magazine (US)

    meet the supernovas