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    Dear MAJESTY SKIS Customers and Friends,
    The unprecedented COVID19 pandemic has thrown the snow sports industry into a whirlwind of uncertainly and hardship. We are all struggling as individuals, small businesses and as a community. Independent ski resorts, specialty gear shops, gear brands and the entire service, travel and hospitality industry is experiencing a sudden, catastrophic loss of revenue and disruptions never before witnessed in our lifetimes. Simply put, there is just no way to sugarcoat the reality that so many small businesses are facing as a direct result of this global pandemic.


    The loss of the spring ski season translated into business closures and job cuts for many of our industry colleagues, friends and neighbors. Unsold winter gear including our own, remains at warehouses and ski shops, resulting in cash flow and liquidity shortages for many of our trading partners. The much needed shelter at home orders mean that gear manufacturing is facing disruptions and may contribute to delivery delays and supply shortages for the next winter season. This global disruption affects small brands especially hard as distributors and ski shops all over the world have revised their purchase orders for the next winter, in some cases wholesale orders were put on hold or cancelled altogether. We are feeling this pain as are many other small, independent brands, manufacturers and gear shops.


    A scenario where many small manufacturers and independent brands might never recover would greatly affect the sports equipment market and ultimately every consumer who values the wide selection of brands and products that are available today. This brings me to my ask to our friends and customers. Please support your local independent gear shops and independent gear brands now. When the COVID19 crisis ends we will all want to return to enjoying the outdoors again. The ski community support has never been more important than now. If you are a skier and plan to ski next winter; if you plan to buy a holiday gift for a loved one who is a skier; if you have the financial means please buy our skis today or buy from your local ski shop or another independent sports equipment brand that you love and respect. Don’t wait till the next ski season.


    Majesty Skis America is now offering huge discounts on our remaining 2020 skis and accessory inventory. I'd like to invite you to place your order online, save up to 60% off the regular retail cost and at the same time help us weather the storm. All online orders will be shipped including local purchases here in the Seattle metro area. 


    Thank you in advance for your support. We will get through this together!


    Stay home, save lives so we can all ski fast next winter!

    Andrzej Moseley

    CEO Majesty Skis America

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