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      Available Sizes [cm] 146 154 162 170 176 182
      Sidecut [mm]
      tip: 121 122 123 124 125 126
      waist: 83 84 84 85 85 85
      tail: 101 102 103 104 105 106
      radius [m] 13 14 15 16 17 18
      weight per ski [g] n/a n/a 1130 1190 1250 1310

      Tech Specs:
      Majesty Superscout Carbon Skis color: black; accents in white, lime green/yellow, carbon fiber
      top sheet finish matte, scuff resistant material
      skier ability: advanced - expert
      designed for: randonee, spring touring
      design: semi-hybrid: camber / front early taper rocker
      shape: directional
      flex: directional
      flex ratio: 7 (1=soft | 10=stiff)
      rocker type: 250 mm (tips)
      construction: semicap sidewalls, triax fiberglass with aramid-carbon fibers, full carbon fiber fabric layup over the core
      wood core: ultralight paulownia core
      base: fast base IS7200
      extras: skin clip heels, Textolite composite plates in binding mounting zone 
      mounting drill bit: 3.6mm x 9mm

      Majesty Skis - Superscout Carbon Skis - Construction

      Deep dive: 

      The Superscout Carbon is a specialized narrow-waisted ski (83 mm - 85mm) designed for randonee, advanced touring and spring snow. Developed for skiers who demand superior dynamic responsiveness and agility in variable terrain and snow conditions from packed and icy, wet and heavy to tasty corn. The full carbon and light wood core construction offers ultra-lightweight progressive performance making long ascents feel shorter while there are no compromises on downhill performance. For an ultra-lightweight touring ski, the Superscout Carbon provides unsurpassed control and predictability that will help you ski with full confidence. It was designed to utilize nearly the entire length of the contact edge to enhance grip, add control and enable better drive into the turns. The shape and profile of the camber suspension deliver agility and responsiveness with efficient power transmission, and an overall very smooth edge-to-edge ride.

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